19Jan23: “Peek!”

Before I replaced it in 2017, I had a stacked washer-dryer that was a favorite of the late Louie and Andy. This photo showed up again on Facebook and is one of Andy being stealthy. The new machine doesn’t have easy access to the dryer, but Andy sometimes studies the possibility of somehow getting into it.

Louie love, love, loved this dryer for his naps! Sadly, when he died, this is where I found him. He was a great kitty and was the predecessor to Andy and the late Dougy.

Looking for the Louie video, this video that shows how magnificent Andy’s tail was came up. This is why I was unhappy with myself for agreeing to a lion cut this last time. Andy’s tail must never be trimmed again!


I didn’t pay attention to weather reports, so got a surprise when I looked out the front door at 9:15 am yesterday. Froggy was getting buried in snow.

Yep. My car was being buried in the third snowdrift of the season, too.


Your CURRENT Local Weather Forecast Here

Weather Alert
Winter Storm Warning issued January 18 at 3:26AM CST until January 18 at 6:00PM CST by NWS Cheyenne

…WINTER STORM WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 5 PM MST THIS AFTERNOON… * WHAT…Heavy snow ongoing. Total snow accumulations of 5 to 8 inches. * WHERE…In Nebraska, Box Butte County.

What!? Only Box Butte County – where I live – and 5-8 inches/ 13,0-20,0 cm before the snow stops in late afternoon? I need to pay closer attention to weather this time of year, I guess. Ice from the last storm hadn’t completely melted on one hand. On the other, this wasn’t a blizzard at least.


29 thoughts on “19Jan23: “Peek!”

    • Backing into my parking spot, I have the benefit that my VW has a backup video camera. I get a very specific graphic warning on the screen to stop before I hit the sign. Driving in, I can tell when I’m getting close, though I can park pretty far from it and still be off the lane, a benefit of driving a compact European station wagon.

      As for the sign’s lean, the sideway tilt came earlier from being knocked that way by the person mowing the lawn’s lawnmower.

      The sign’s forward tilt came from the person clearing the parking spot’s snow blade either going too far or the weight of the snow being pushed forward.

      My clue, now, that I didn’t run into it, besides my excellent driving skills and virtually flawless record, is that I always approach the sign slowly because I don’t want to mess up the front end of my car. The video saves my tail end, of course.

      People mowing lawns and clearing snow, on the other hand, have a huge amount of work to accomplish in a short time, so tend to rush through their work. Also, I’ve witnessed both side swiping both this sign and other things in their way, like an electrical box that’s in the middle of the lawn aa few feet behind my parking space. It looks like hell from all the collisions!

    • Louie was a beautiful kitty on top of a cat with a great personality! The tragedy of Andy’s scalloped tail is that he is very tail proud. He was upset with it being trimmed like that and was pouty when he came back from the groomer’s. Granted, she did her usual excellent job of it, it’s just not a good cut for Andy.

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