25Jan23: Andy eats it up….

Andy stops by…

…to get a nice “scritching”!


I decided to put the newspaper on the lapboard on the ottoman. As you who’ve followed this blog for years know, the ottoman was Andy’s late brother Dougy’s territory. After his death, Andy still recognized it was all Dougy’s, as if the ripped-out corners didn’t signal that to the world! Once I put the lapboard on the ottoman, Andy felt comfortable snoozing and resting on it.

The newspaper? It gives Andy just one more layer of comfort. He spent most of his sleeping time on the newspaper on the lapboard on the ottoman the first day I added the newspaper to the late Dougy’s fortress! While on the newspaper, Andy made sure his body totally touched it, no overlapping onto the lapboard or – heavens! – the ottoman surface itself!



20 thoughts on “25Jan23: Andy eats it up….

    • It’s relative, I suppose, no pun intended – it’s published by a cousin – since it is a local paper in a small town (190 souls) in a barely populated county (660 souls) in Nebraska’s Sandhills. Sounds bleak, with nothing happening, but she covers several small Sandhills Counties and is the newspaper of record for the county. A few times a year she puts out exceptionally interesting and weighty special editions covering things like the history of cattle raising in the area and the families and individuals involved. I don’t know how she does it!

  1. That was a great photo catch of Andy with the Kit-Kat commercial in the background. 🙂

    I have noted here that when a cat has passed, the others will not use the favorite spot. Some avoid it completely, others seem to wait for a respectable amount of time. They have their rituals!

  2. Very interesting! I am now witnessing the behavior of a group of litter mates who have grown up together. I think it differs from my prior groups of unrelated cats who entered the household one by one either as kittens or adults.

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