28Sep23: the “nooz”…

Andy tries to make sense of the news.

~~ ??? ~~

So much for that! Andy’s glad he’s a cat.


I went to Rapid City yesterday to get a headlight bulb replaced on the driver’s side of my station wagon. In the good old days, a mere human could replace that bulb with little effort. So much gets crammed into the engine compartment these days, though, that to replace the bulb in my VW Golf SportWagen (sic), you have to jack the car up, remove the wheel, unfasten the wheel well liner and remove it, then access the bulb to replace it! It’s a lot more than I’m able or want to attempt to do. I was glad to let a professional mechanic do it for me. 


The nurse practitioner and the nephrologist came by dialysis on Tuesday, part of their routine visits with us patients to review test results and to learn of any new issues developed since their last visit. During the visit, the NP mentioned her two-year-old had had six major tantrums that morning, including the breakfast tragedy of the crumbly muffin! LOL!

The whole idea of a crumbly muffin ruining the toddler’s breakfast struck me as hilarious and a perfect euphemism to use instead of my own virulent blasphemies and crude language when having a moment: Cut off on the highway by some idiot? “Crumbly muffins, you lowlife!” Drop a casserole on the floor taking it out of the oven? “Oh crumbly muffins!” Mad at the neighbor for letting his chihuahua bark at you in your own yard? “Crumbly muffins, Fred! That mutt is barking at me in my own yard!”

My NP made my day letting me know how her two-year-old had a rough start two days ago. “Crumby muffins”, a metaphor for the vicissitudes of modern life!

20 thoughts on “28Sep23: the “nooz”…

    • I had lots of problems in winter with all cars I owned with carburetors. On the other hand, newer systems are more complex and expensive to work on.

  1. Crumbly muffins! That is a good one and I’ll remember it! Thank you!

    I know well the frustration of not being able to simply change most of the bulbs on a car anymore. Everything is is pretty tightly bound up and takes a professional with special tools to fix it. My Subaru is 30 years old and has some of those issues, but I can still get at a lot of things. I do think the days of keeping a car that long are coming to an end as they become obsolescent much faster now, and parts availability becomes a problem. Crumbly muffins to car designers! 🙂

    • LOL! I think you got that right, Lavinia. I’ve had cars I wish I’d kept 30 years. A 1992 Chrysler Labaron coupe is one of them. My current car, the VW Golf SportWagen is another, but I have more than two decades to go on that. I’ll settle for me lasting that long!

  2. Derrick is right, all “news” today is crumbly nonsense. Andy is wise to dismiss the news and go about his kitty business. I think that changing an LED headlamp bulb on my truck would mean reaching past a lot of stuff to reach it!

  3. My father was an auto mechanic who enjoyed working on his own vehicles (a minivan, a pickup, and another pickup). As time went by and the models became more computer based and harder to open up, he seemed to do more swearing than wrenching in the garage. He finally concluded in his 80s that the manufacturers were deliberately designing their cars so people would be forced to go to the dealerships to do even basic repairs. He quit working on cars after that, which I think contributed to his rapid decline. It really makes me want to buy only older cars with fewer complications.

    • I always felt unsure of my abilities to do anything on a car, so made sure I gave business to the service departments of the dealerships to assure the availability of a manufacturer-certified mechanic when I needed one. The “plan” didn’t always pan out.

      One dealership where I bought a new car had knot heads working for them. A friend had a brand-new sporty car bought at the dealership. He got an oil change there, left the dealership, drove five blocks away, and got a warning indicating an oil issue. The oil issue turned out to be they failed to refill the oil on the car! If I’d been aware of that before I bought a car from them, I wouldn’t have made the purchase.

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