10Nov23: Andy’s taking a ride…

Andy’s in the mood for something new.

Doug’s arm catches a glimpse of Andy on his walker.

Andy’s ready for a little ride.

That was short! As soon as Doug got untangled from his oxygen line and started to push Andy on a little ride, Andy hopped off the walker and decided what he really wanted was a nap. Of course!


22 thoughts on “10Nov23: Andy’s taking a ride…

    • How true! Andy love, love, loves m to scratch and rub his ears unless he doesn’t. I have to discern which it is each time I start to do it!

    • LOL! Predictable for Andy. As a matter of fact, he’s on the walker right now. I haven’t eaten breakfast yet. I bet if I get up, he’ll hop off the walker even though I could take him on a glorious ride into the kitchen. (He knows that’s where I’m headed.)

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