Post 760: Sox is found…!

I left my computer down till after 8:00 pm today. When I looked in my e-mails, I found this one from my Seattle sister:

I was doing my daily search for Sox this morning and saw his picture on the  Everett Shelter “cats in custody”.  They only hold them for 72 hours before shipping them out to other shelters for adoption.  I called them right away and they said to bring pictures and proof that he was mine. 

Sox won't share his new favorite toy, and gets growly if you try to get near it...!

Sox before he became lost. (He didn’t want to share his toy…!)

I was lucky because his 72 hours were up today.  He was found in Lynnwood quite a few miles from here.  He looks pretty rough and needs grooming badly. 

He knew me right away and couldn’t give me enough head butts.  He had been gone almost 10 months, and I can’t believe I got him back.  A miracle!
Now my challenge is to keep him inside and introduce him to Molly.  I hope they get along OK.  
My sister missed Sox, then eventually got herself a shelter cat named Molly. Molly is a tuxedo kitty like Sox. 
Remember this early photo of Molly, taken shortly after she joined the family?  So much for fears she might not adjust to her new setting!

Molly quickly adjusted to living with my sister. Now she has to adjust to having a cat “brother”, too. 

My sister, though, never gave up hope Sox might show up some day. She checked regional shelter websites daily for her lost Sox.
Today Sox is home again, and I join my sister in rejoicing that her kitty is alive and well after this long absence!
If there is a lesson here, it is don’t give up hope. 

21 thoughts on “Post 760: Sox is found…!

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    • It made my sister’s day, believe it! She was so excited and happy to come across Sox’s photo in the website roster of found cats and dogs, and she contacted them right away. I think Sox was at least as happy to see her, from what she wrote, eh?!

    • Me, too, and I’m especially happy for my sister. She felt terrible about Sox because she let him out at their new place the first day, and that’s when he went missing.

  2. Awesome story! Good idea to have pics of one’s cats to prove they are yours if lost. But it sounds like the head-butts said it all. I’m happy to hear they were re-united, and love the pic of Sox above with his cool cardboard toy! Also the pic of Molly. Tuxedo cats are cool!

    • My sister said Sox was very possessive of that cardboard toy, and growled at her when she tried to touch it. Talk about a successful toy! I think the photo business is especially helpful with cats like Sox who have very distinctive patterns on their fur. My boys are microchipped, too, another good practice.

    • My sister had Sox from when he was a kitten, so they were very bonded. I was pleased to know Sox remembered that when she stopped by the shelter to verify he was her cat. My sister told me this was the best Mother’s Day present she could have received!

    • You hear about such things, but it still is amazing when you come across another example. My sister never gave up hope, thinking Sox might survive because he was a part time outside cat or because he is such a nice cat someone would find him, realize he was someone’s cat, and make an effort to find his owner. She checked the local shelters’ websites daily, too, for new photos, and that’s how she ultimately came across Sox.

    • In many ways! He got lost in a wooded area behind my sister’s new house, and there was concern coyotes might get him. Fortunately, Sox turned out to be tougher than his ordeal!

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