hoarfrost on the dill and other scenes from Autumn 2010

October 27 2010 first freeze

October 20, 2010, when this photo was taken, we’d had our first hard frost of the season. Conventional wisdom is the middle of September is when the first hard frost comes.

rosa blooming

Thanks to a favorable micro-climate close to the stucco exterior wall of my apartment, this rose was blooming well into November 2010.

dill with hoarfrost

Taken December 12, 2010, of hoarfrost on dill that grew in my little herb garden, this photo also is a favorite photo of Louie the ginger cat, on his morning walk.


You’ve seen a similar photo recently, also from Autumn 2010. The other shot of this same row of trees, however, illustrated a comment on clouds. What the heck! Here that “cloud photo” is again:


Have a happy Autumn, keep your toes toasty, and enjoy the fruits of the harvest! Two hours to go!


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