Dougy vs. the newspaper

I never know what kind of show to expect from the boys. Today Dougy decided to take on a newspaper on the light stand by my chair. (“My chair” because neither cat likes to lounge in it…!)

Most newspapers I read are on the Internet, but I still get a “hard copy” of my cousin Sharon Wheelock’s weekly, the Grant County News. It is that newspaper Dougy shamelessly attacked. I’m glad it is an old issue, one I left there as a buffer to coffee and water drips when I put a mug or glass down on the stand.

The bad part about making cat videos is naughty behavior oftentimes is the best for video. So, when I should be encouraging Dougy or Andy to cool it, I’m grabbing my camera instead.

If people didn’t encourage me with positive comments on my videos, I wouldn’t make them. It’s your fault Dougy and Andy are naughty boys, then! Ha!

8 thoughts on “Dougy vs. the newspaper

  1. haha! such a determination to tear it into pieces. I’ve never seen a cat attacking a piece a paper like that – unless you shake it to get a reaction. How handy it would give kids the perfect excuse to get them out of trouble for not doing their homework: “Sorry M’am, my cat tore it apart and I couldn’t stop him” 🙂
    anyway, i’m glad the boys are doing alright. lisa sends her mreawgards.

    • Andy says to tell Lisa >mrowwoof<, which (I guess) is a kitty joke…! Yeah, both my boys like to tear paper, but I (unfortunately) can't apply the excuse any longer since I do most "paperwork" by computer these days. The newspaper in the video is the only newspaper I get by delivery any more. The Internet is a much better delivery option, eh?! Saves lots of trees in Canada, too, since most North American newsprint is sourced from that country.

  2. So sweet and funny his expression at the end said, “Right that’s it, that’s really it, I want trouble, what can I do next to cause some real trouble?”

    Almost as if he wound himself up with the newspaper and then went off to find where he could cause someone or something some real gyp.

    Wonder what he did next?

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