Post 322: Andy takes on life…and beats tail!

Andy got the recommended (full) dose of Benazepril this morning before he and Dougy got breakfast.

I used the “kitty enchilada” (“papuss”!?) method of first swaddling him in a bath towel – the method I use when Dougy needs eye drops – then administering his tuna fish flavored medicine with the little syringe that comes with the medicine.

Andy protested a little, but actually was pretty good about taking the medicine. I hope this is a sign of things to come. More, I hope the taste is yummy enough he actually seeks me out for it, though that seems a bit of fanciful, wishful thinking!


andys new tub 2

Remember Andy’s new tub, the one I bought him so he and Dougy both had one? Theoretically, each would have his own exclusive tub, something that happens in Dreamlandia but not the real world of cat politics, even within a cat family where two brothers, Andy and Dougy, live in harmony in the same household.

That said, Dougy hopped into Andy’s tub this morning. He no sooner snuggled down, like Andy in his tub the first day he had it (above), than Andy was there giving him the ultimatum to get out. You know, “The Staredown”!

Amazingly, Dougy evacuated the premises, pronto. Andy didn’t want it. He just didn’t want to share it with Dougy. Dougy, little fart, ran over to the light stand that Andy likes to perch and sleep on, and threatened to take that over. He’s a bit bigger than Andy, who barely fits on the light stand. (Andy actually hangs over on the tail end, truth be out; Dougy, more so!)

Andy made another entrance. Dougy chose to face his brother with a big game of “You be the antelope first, then I’ll be”, a favorite.

For a sick little cat, Andy maintained a vigorous presence in the game, hopping, chasing, tussling, biting, stalking, throughout the full range of their domain. I was astounded and pleased because he’s been a bit lethargic of late.


In this old video (above), Andy’s seen playing with their second birthday present last summer. (July 1st is their birthday.) This morning, after he and Dougy played their antelope chase game, Andy went off to do Andy stuff, but Dougy still wanted to play. I brought out this toy, which, despite the advertiser’s claim cats always want to play with it, sometimes gets an “eh!” reaction from the boys.

Not today, though. Dougy exhausted himself on the toy, then ran off for a little snack. Andy showed up, then played with it, wildly chasing the “mouse tail”, clearly having lots of fun. I was and am encouraged!


Andy and Dougy hang out with me. Yeah, in the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, the…! Wherever I am, there’s a dark presence or two, curious about what’s up and how that might involve them. Any cat person knows the routine: You have no privacy! 🙂

When I watch the news, we are in Dougy’s territory as far as the floor, the ottoman, the icky Dougy-sized cardboard box, Dougy’s tub, and the cat lounger by the reserve carriers are concerned.

In Dougy’s territory, there are islands of Andy territory: the light stand, the recliner, and the top of the stacked reserve carriers. There is some dispute about this, perhaps preference, but I think the shelf of my computer desk technically is Andy’s territory, and Dougy gets the desk, though sometimes either cat might be out-of-place by this reckoning.

Last November, Andy got caught in Dougy's tub, which fell off the icky box when Andy escaped his brother's wrath...! Dougy quickly reclaimed his territory!

Last November, Andy got caught in Dougy’s tub, which fell off the icky box when Andy escaped his brother’s wrath…! Dougy quickly reclaimed his territory!

The boys negotiate and tussle their way through these territories as needed. Andy approaches his claim on the light stand by sneaking behind my glider, then leaping a good three feet onto the stand. If he wants to go elsewhere, he hops onto Dougy’s ottoman, then to the seat of the recliner. From there, he might hop on the reserve carriers or head north to the computer desk shelf to watch backyard birds. This last activity, of course, excites Dougy, too, so there mostly is a truce when both want to look out the window or Andy asserts his territorial rights.

That’s a lot of background to let you know that Andy’s been hopping around these territorial positions this morning, avoiding conflict with Dougy except when he wants to tussle. For a cat with a heart murmur, he’s been much his old self today. Yes, Andy takes on life…and beats tail!


This is a bit longer than usual, but there has been a lot of interest in how he’s doing. As of this moment, he is next to me on my beat up old computer chair washing his bum.

Andy washes his bum.

Andy washes his bum.

That's much nicer, Andy! There's your amazing tail, too!

That’s much nicer, Andy! There’s your amazing tail, too!

10 thoughts on “Post 322: Andy takes on life…and beats tail!

  1. Oh man I understand the no privacy. When I am sitting on the potty Ali howls at the door to get in, and when she gets in we have quite the conversation.
    Happy to hear you are able to get Andys medication down him.
    Sounds like Andy is feel in pretty good and having no trouble keeping up at all.
    We got Ali the same toy Andy is playing with in the video and she just laid on it til it broke.
    You and the boys have a good tomorrow and I can not believe that Feb is almost over.

    • No kidding: Where DID February go! Yeah, Andy’s handling the medication fine so far, and I believe I see improvement in the form of his activity level. (I gave up closing the door because it always makes me roar in laughter when I see little paws slipping under the door trying to get in! Not the best situation when using the throne!)

  2. I’ve always been amazed at how cats work out their relationship “issues” so much more easily than humans. Years ago I brought home a kitten as a companion to an adult male. I was spending many weekends out of town, and would come home to find an unhappy cat and every book in the house knocked out of a bookcase and on the floor. I brought home the kitten with more than a little trepidation. I left them in separate rooms while I went to work, then opened the doors and expected the worst. Instead, they went nose-to-nose, established their pecking order in mere seconds and became best buddies — with their own territories and favorite sleeping areas. They did violate each other’s space — they were cats, after all — but it was all good again after the “antelope game” and some playful wrestling. Wish my relationships had been so easy to fix. Anyway, I’m glad Andy is feeling better, and I’m sure it’s a huge relief to you. Good work!

    • It definitely is! Thanks! Yes, I agree with what you have to say about cats and how they resolve their pecking order. It was probably much easier for Andy and Dougy to be buddies since they are litter mates and were known to play well together before I had both of them. On the other hand their other brother and their only sister went to someone in South Dakota, and apparently don’t get along at all. I always tell myself I got the good kitties!

  3. Hey, it’s us! Carolyn and Cooper! 🙂
    Just checking in on you, Andy and Dougy…to see how you are doing today! 🙂

    I LOVE hearing about Andy and Dougy’s relationship and adventures! Yay for playing! 🙂 Yay for brothers being brothers! 🙂

    So glad to hear Andy is playing and washing his bum and “fighting” for his tub! I’ve been worried about him.

    Yes, no privacy! Cooper follows me everywhere and watches me do everything! 😀

    I wish I could give Andy and Dougy some gentle rubs and a kiss on the head. Since I can’t…could you do that for me?!
    Thank you!

    HUGS and Happy Wednesday!!! I hope it’s a purrfect day at your house! 🙂

    • Ew! After seeing where Andy’s (and probably Dougy’s) heads have been!??? Oh well, why not? Thanks for your comments. The boys are good brothers to each other. Even when they occasionally make the other yelp by forgetting the antelope chase game is just a game, they don’t hold grudges. “That’s OK, brother! You didn’t mean it!”

      My little angels are asleep right now, Andy in his favorite cat tree tube and Dougy in Andy’s tub. What? Yeah, you read correctly: Dougy’s sneaking a snooze in ANDY’s tub! The cheek!
      I have it in photos, and it will be my next post. Dougy has some ‘splaining to do! Andy will smell him out.

      • Ha! 😀 So did you kiss them each on the head!?
        I want to thank you for the joy I always feel when I visit you and Andy and Dougy here! I had a rough day today and you three brought smiles to my faces. Thank you!
        HUGS!!! 🙂

        • WordPress handles comments oddly. Some go to the post; others go to a file with comments awaiting approval. I’m not sure why this is since any comments are appreciated! I never get rude comments, but it is possible to delete them anyway, eh!?

          I don’t recall seeing this comment, but it was so nice of you to say what you did! The boys bring smiles to my face, so I enjoy sharing their lives with others.

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