Post 537: the webcam cable is no toy

Andy has a long time fascination with the cable to my webcam. After this video was taken, I had top disconnect the webcam or risk Andy chewing it.

Yesterday, I thought it might be long enough after the cable incident above that I could reconnect the webcam, a computer toy I actually would use a lot if the kitty left it alone.

Oops! What you don’t see in the video is Dougy chewing on the cable moments before. Dougy thinks it’s a toy, too. Once again, the webcam had to be disconnected to protect a cat and the cable.

21 thoughts on “Post 537: the webcam cable is no toy

    • It is a cute idea! I suspect Andy and Dougy would need a much larger one, though, since their “play” involves lots of chasing each other from one end of the house to the otehr, then back till they exghaust themselves.

  1. For problems other than hardware – although even those can be diagnosed remotely – there is a brilliant techie on Fiverr called techarray and he can fix your PC remotely. It’s easy and very cheap, like $5.

    • Sounds intriguing. I get sick of “free” services that turn out to be come ons for expensive long term services at some god awful large sum of money a year. I am very wary of all services, even those that have a good rating with BBB or some relationship with Microsoft, which is, afterall, a “for profit” company.

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