Post 665: “Does it make my butt look big?”

Dougy loves his new Neko BirBug toy. Loves! Loves! Loves! So much so it lost a little feather off the back after lots of rough play. (Andy loves it, too…if Dougy lets him play with it. Sad business, that!)

"My ottoman, my BirBug, et moi! Can life be any better?"

“My ottoman, my BirBug, et moi! Can life be any better?”

"As good as it gets and it needn't get any better! Well, maybe a fresh bag of salmon-flavored Greenies would completye my happiness!"

“As good as it gets and it needn’t get any better! Well, maybe a fresh bag of salmon-flavored Greenies would complete my happiness!”

"Does this make my butt look big?"

“Does this make my butt look big?”

"Hey, Yellowboy! Don't laugh at me! I'm a merciless killer. Check out my point "Teeth of Doom for Small Critters and my Throat-ripping Claws of Total Annihilation! Yeah, man! Yeah!" [Psst!]

“Hey, Yellowboy! Don’t laugh at me! I’m a merciless killer. Check out my pointy ‘Merciless Teeth of Doom for Small Critters’ and my ‘Throat-ripping Claws of Total Annihilation’! Yeah, man! Yeah!” [Pssst!]

After the short distraction, Dougy killed BirBug a hunderd ways! {Grrrr!]

After the short distraction, Dougy killed BirBug a hundred ways! [Grrrr!]

Then, Dougy ran off to take a serious nap. That’s what cats do.


28 thoughts on “Post 665: “Does it make my butt look big?”

    • Awww! That’s really sweet! After all that poor cat’s been through, I’m glad she gets treated like a princess and that she really, really, really loves her BirBug wand toy!

    • Yes, as a matter of fact! I don’t recall the exact name, but it’s supposed to represent a centipede, and the boys love, love, love that Neko toy, too! I had to buy a replacement after we wore one out. I’m glad you brought Angel up because it gave me a chance to post a link showing her at play in good light, something that shows what my cats would look like if I let their hair grow out all the way. I’m thinking about doing it, with some “adjustments” for length of hair in the armpits, which is where they get mats a lot of times, and that zone where they need a “hygienic trim”, wink~wink! Their next grooming appointment is early March, so I have some time to decide. As it is, Andy probably would prefer to have longer hair because he gets impatient at the groomers and stops cooperating. (Dougy eats it up!)

        • I’m a fan of the MythicBells Persian cat videos on YouTube, and those kitties are too cute with their classic Persian-length hair. Of course, the lady who owns them must spend most of her day trimming and brushing that many Persians, but, well…!

          • As daunting as that seems, I also know that keeping up with it on a daily basis helps you bond with the little buggers, at least if they like being brushed. Right now, Dougy loves it, and Andy would rather I not brush him.

          • Andy attacks the brush with his front “Claws of Instant Decapitation” and “Canines that Pierce the Brain and Stop You Cold”. That makes me wonder how he acts at the groomers’, though they assure me he and Dougy both are good boys…! I did notice that Andy has one side of his ruff longer than the other, suggestive of an effort given up to shorten both to the same length….

    • Dougy and Andy, his brother, are “smoke Persians”. I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration on the part of the person who bred their mother, but I’m no expert. Anyway, they look black in some light, grey in other, and various shades of both in yet other light. I call them black, but if you go through other posts here, you will see them with long hair medium hair, and shrot hair. When they’ve been trimmed up, the center portion of their bodies is a lovely shade of light grey, and their faces and legs are black. Their father is a Birman, which explains that. Their mother looks like a Persian with tabby markings, and she is kind of a brownish-red in color. In some light, you can see a red cast on the ends of their hair. In short ( 😉 ) who knows what color to call them?

      Incidentally, they were the first Persians I ever saw in this color, but, having had them for three and a half years, now I see similar cats in cat magazines and elsewhere. I’m glad arc-Andre posted a comment because it reminded me he featured a young Persian by the name of Angel who shows what the boys would look like if I let them grow their hair all the way out, something I’m tempted to do after seeing Angel…! (The grooming issues multiply, however, among them mats in the hair.) Here’s a link to one of Angel’s pjhtos on Katzenworld:

  1. He sure loves daBug…we don’t have this one on our Neko wand. We have the mouse…Kali loves that one. You ever seen a place in the states that sells Silvervine catnip seeds Doug? Mom is looking for them. They are Japanese catnip seeds. They are suppose to be stronger than the normal catnip.


    • I bought some powdered Silvervine from Amazon, and I thought they boys’ reaction was a bit too aggressive when under the influence. I didn’t let them have any more of it. As for seeds, I don’t know of a source, though you might find some if you google it. (I just did that, and there are multiple sources of the seeds or plants, though you might have a problem finding one that is in Canada or ships to Canada. Also, you may have top grow it as an indoor plant.)

      The boys like the bug lures for Neko wand toys best, though I think they basically just like wand toys! You should treat Kali to some others in the series. The boys really liked the centipede and the bumblebee lures. Thew BirBug is a bigger toy (very large insect) on a small fishing pole wand that can be shortened or extended like a fishing pole. One thing I like about it is that it can be wiggled back side to side, and the lure wiggles like a flying inspect! (The boys REALLY like that!)

        • Yes, it is very easy to grow in a sunny window, though it helps if it isn’t accessible to, um, cats! So far, neither of mine has tried to hop on the kitchen counters (to my amazement) or I’m sure that catnip would be in shreds. Keep your eye open at garden supply stores in the late spring, and you probably can find potted catnip, ready to go. I’ve gone that route, too, though the current “crop” happens to be some I grew from seed I bought from a garden supply company that specialized in seeds.

    • Not only is it a huge hit, my sister in Seattle decided to buy one for her cat Molly since she likes wand toys. This is the best wand toy yet, however, and my boys and I have to thank you once again for bringing it to Doug’s attention! (He’s the one with the credit cards…!)

    • Yes, it is mostly fluff anyway since he’s Persian! Poor Andy has to really assert himself to get play time with the BirBug, but that’s good for him, too. He’s just too sweet-natured for his own good sometimes, and lets his brother get away with hogging toys. If you saw the video of the day the BirBug arrived, you may remember Dougy not only dominated the toy, he took over the box it came in from Andy! Bad kitty!

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