Post 804: Any old box will do…!

When I got my laptop, I tossed the shipping box on the floor. I couldn’t wait to get on my new toy!

It took the cats moments to examine the box and determine it was sufficiently interesting to occupy.

Dougy's in the box today.

Dougy’s in the box today.

Waiting for the Neko toy centipede...that is in front of the box...silly cat!

Waiting for the Neko toy centipede…that is in front of the box…silly cat!

“What did you say…in front of the box…?'”

“Well, you have to toss it my way. I’m not chasing it outside the box! Andy might take the box away from me!”

Cats and their boxes…!

Once again, I have a box I can’t toss out just yet. The boys eventually will get tired of it, but not for the moment.


For the record, you can see Dougy’s eye color clearly and accurately in the third photo! 

12 thoughts on “Post 804: Any old box will do…!

    • It has a different OS than my PC, so it took me a bit of time getting used to it. I don’t care as much for the way you navigate on a laptop (the little pad instead of a mouse) and the full screen shows much less than my PC monitor, which is a 24″. I don’t have any Microsoft Office programs on it, so it is less handy than it could be, but I don’t know if I want to buy it for this second computer when I don’t use it as much. I can get on Facebook and my blog,, send gmails and receive them, I have google chrome features. It slowly is becoming familiar to me, so I’m sure I will like it well enough when I am fully comfortable with the differences between it and my PC. (I hope…!)

      • I invested in a wifi mouse, it seems easier than the little pad. And, I connect my laptop to my old (dead) PC screen so I have the advantage of a larger screen when I need it.

        In a few days, you’ll be cruising that laptop like a pro!

        • I have a wifif mouse for my PC, and I think I even have a second one not in use somewhere. I like the idea of going back to a mouse simply because the little pad is “iffy” and sometimes difficult to use because it requires a specific spot be hit for certain activities, yet, when you hit that certain spot, it seems not to work always. (Anyway, I don’t like it!) Monitors are cheap enough that one could buy a larger screen to use the way you suggest. I’m keeping all these thoughts in mind! Thanks!

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