Post 812: …the big day is here!

Andy  contemplates the centipede...

…Andy and his brother…

Dougy have in common?

…Dougy have something in common with…



Today is the boys’ fourth birthday and Canada Day, too!

It’s a real holiday!

Happy Birthday et bonne fête to Canada, Andy, and Dougy!

33 thoughts on “Post 812: …the big day is here!

  1. Happy belated B-day! I missed the big day as we were without internet yesterday. Am glad to catch up today. Give the boys lots of scratches and hugs (if tolerated) from us, Ms. Z and A.

      • No, but they happened to be born on D+Canada Day, July 1st. I happen to be a fan of Canada, so realized that their birthday had the Canadian connection, and I think it fun to celebrate both birthdays that day! (Andy, Dougy, and Canada don’t really care one way or other if I do, but…!)

        For the record, Andy and Dougy were born in Alliance, Nebraska, which is in the western end of the state, directly south of the Black Hills of South Dakota about 2-1/2 hours drive, about the same travel time to Cheyenne, Wyoming, and four hours away from Denver.

  2. Happy Birthday to your precious boys who I know you love as deeply as we do our Ali, and prayers for a long life together.
    Hope you boys and your human have a wonderful day.
    Ali says Happy Birthday Andy and Dougy and I hop you get a lot of nip.

    • The boys look forward to celebrfating many birthdays, and thank you for your birthday wishes! (I hope Ali have many, many more, too! She’s looking so healthy these days, much improved over a few months back!)

    • I already gave them hugs and birthday wishes. Andy, of course, didn’t want me to pick him up, and Dougy was upset with me because I held him on his back, baby style. Oh well! Andy’s asleep in the floor next to my computer chair, rolled over on his back, so he’s forgiven me for holding him. Dougy is sleeping it off in the guest bedroom, probably under the bed where I can’t get to him to pick him up and hold him in “that way” again. Anyway, we are donating money to the local shelter for their birthday gift. They have so much and there are kitties and doggies at the shelter who’d love to have a home like the boys have. Maybe our small gift will help them on that journey. (Thanks again to anarette for coming up with this suggestion for celebrating the boys’ birthday! It’s perfect!)

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