Tips & Tricks: Keeping pets safe during a heatwave by PDSA

Excellent advice!

6 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks: Keeping pets safe during a heatwave by PDSA

  1. I talk to mine all the time she tell me what she needs you just have to be able to know what they are saying
    Anyone who would leave a pet in a car,would do the same…………
    It just takes common sense
    But sense is not that common anymore
    Thanks for the infro
    As always Sheldon

    • Dougy tells meow-meow-meow and Andy tells me meow. I think there are some clues to their wishes in their body language, but I don’t always guess that well!

    • I think people need to be reminded of this regularly and every year. I see people leave pets out in hot weather, with little water, and I want to knock their heads till they understand this is stupid and potentially fatal to their pets…!

        • I think the authorities should license people to have poets, not the other way around. There should be a course they have to pass on basic needs of specific animals. Then, quadruple the fines for neglecting pets because there would be no ignorance of the things the people failed to provide the animals concerned. (You don’t want to elect me dictator!)

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