Post 881: “…damn paparazzo”

Dougy doesn’t like having his photo taken, mostly because of the flash. That’s why I have to sneak around to get his photo.

Here’s one I got this morning that seems to sum up how he feels about the whole process….!

“My lawyer will contact you…soon!”


20 thoughts on “Post 881: “…damn paparazzo”

  1. Whenever I used to try to get a picture of one of my kitties, he (or she) would spend so much time putting nose right up against the lens that it was virtually a lost cause to try to get any focus on the kitty.

    • He is a sweetie when it comes to wanting attention. He (and Andy) are typical young boys, though: neither likes to be held very long. The older they get, though, the longer they let me hold them.

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