Post 879: cleaning up…

Both Andy and Dougy were cleaning up. Andy was on my pc and Dougy was on…Andy’s favorite blue carrier!

Andy (front) and Dougy cleaning up.

Andy (front) and Dougy cleaning up.

Andy becomes aware of something.

“Why, that @*$&$%# is on my favorite carrier!”
Andy can’t believe his brother’s nerve!

You bet Andy hopped off the pc and chased Dougy off the carrier!

Poor Dougy, tail between his legs (so to speak), came over and cowered at my feet, hoping for sympathy and a kindly skritch to assuage his hurt feelings. (Naturally, I gave it to him, poor kitty!)

Andy continued to clean up on top of the carrier.


14 thoughts on “Post 879: cleaning up…

  1. Andy is having a heck of a time training this brother to stay out of his spot. Good thing you are there to mend hurt feelings. They look so nice in their new hair cuts.


    • I was really pleased with their new haircuts, too! Their groomer has a great touch with cat grooming. The business is primarily a dog grooming operation, so I especially appreciate the fact that they do my cats AND do them so nicely! Anyway, I think Dougy is incorrigible so Andy will have a long road ahead of it before Dougy behaves the way Andy wants.


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