Post 890: …busy, busy, busy

What a morning! I decided to update my pc to Windows 10 from the perfectly workable Windows 7 that it came with. What a soul-sucking, tedious, mind-numbing process that turned out to be!

I didn’t see any particular reason to do this other than it is free now and probably will cost something to do later. I haven’t explored Windows 10 yet so have no sense of whether it is an improvement or just something one needs to do before Windows 7 no longer is supported by Microsoft. 

I still have my laptop to update to Windows 10. Fewer files, newer operating system (Windows 8), and no urgency to complete the job means I can start the process and walk away from it till it completes its course.


That noted, let’s get on with the kitty boys update!

Handy Andy!

Handy Andy!

You know Andy was a very bad boy yesterday. He didn’t coöperate with his tormentor, me, and take his medicine like a big boy. I spent at least two hours trying to catch the little bugger, and he evaded me very effectively each time.

Then, when I headed off to bed, I saw him resting on top of my pc, one of Andy’s favorite perches. I simply walked over to him, picked him up (no struggle!), and walked him over to the chair where I give him his medicine.

Less than five minutes from start to finish, I caught Andy, gave him his medicine, and set him down on the floor for his kitty treat for being a “good enough” kitty. (He wasn’t a really good kitty, after all!)

Andy doesnt take his medicine with grace...

Andy doesn’t take his medicine with grace…

It wasn’t all tedium this morning, however. The boys and I had lots of fun with their favorite Neko wand toy. I wore them out with play, and they are taking their morning naps now. Of course!


20 thoughts on “Post 890: …busy, busy, busy

  1. I am thinking of switching to MAC myself someday in the future. I heard the Windows 10 will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $119.00 after the free offer ends … but I have nothing to substantiate that with …. I do know it takes about 3GB of bandwidth to get the thing installed …. and I am on a limited plan of only 13GB per month wireless …. Maybe I will wait til the windows 7 is no longer supported and then go get myself a MAC or have the Geek Squad update my windows 7 for me. —- If you got this upgrade for free you are one of the truly wise because I am sure it will be different in the future. But again I am only guessing.

    • That sounds about right. Possibly it’d cost even more than that. I’m trying to remember what I paid for PowerPoint, and it was a bit pricey for my limited use – though I got it and found use=s for it to help justify the expenditure!

  2. It was a lengthy process, changing to Windows 10, wasn’t it? But, it’s relatively painless to use after Windows 7.

    I dips my lid to you, managing a cat with a chronic ailment, it can’t be easy.

    • I thought I’d never see the end of it, for sure! I personally had no issues with Windows 7. Windows 8 (on my laptop) I don’t particularly like, though it might be easier to use if one had a touch screen set up instead of that nasty little pad on the laptop. (I’ve considered getting a regular mouse to use with the laptop, I hate that pad so much!)

      It is tedious dealing with a chronic medical need for Andy. If he cooperates or just fails to be sneaky enough and I catch him with no hassle, it isn’t a big deal, but those days he gives me a challenge like the other day, I could wring his little fuzzy neck!

      I am glad, however, I don’t have to give him an injection or a pill instead of liquid. He’d be a holy terror to medicate those ways, I think!

  3. Sorry but I am not an android fan. I love my apple devices and my iMac desk top. We just had an upgrade and no change at all in the operating system except things that looked a little off no longer are.
    Ali isa bear about there medication and hubbys care giver helps me by holding her while i syringe her meds down her throat.
    Aww the joys of kitties and medication.

    • I’ve never used Apple products (there are two or three of us in the world!), so I can’t comment of the differences.

      Yes, medicating cats can be a terror! Andy is easy enough to medicate…IF I can catch him! Once he’s in my arms, he calms down and doesn’t resist or try to get away until I stick the syringe of yummy tuna-flavored medicine in his mouth. I swear a cat can turn its head 360 degrees!

    • I’m doing ok with Windows 10. I even figured out how to get my all-in-one machine to accept print orders from my computer again, something I haven’t been able to figure out since last April. (As always, it turned out to be a really simple, stupid configuration issue, one keystroke to change….! )

  4. hahaha Windows 10! Hubby tried to install it and it was funny….such comments coming out of the spare room. His favourite saying, “This is a friggin piece of s—. “I don’t need this hassle.” He is now quiet and Windows 10 is installed. If he can do it so can you Doug.

    Andy just knows all the buttons with you Doug. I have found the best way is to catch them asleep and pop the pill into their mouth from the side.


    • Your husband and I must have been reading the same instructions because I remember using the same words over and over! “I don’t need this hassle”, in fact, is the exact mantra I chanted the most! What a coincidence!

      Yes, Andy works those buttons to his advantage with a vengeance, but I know his, too. It averages out, I think, though I like to think I win more than Andy does. Yeah! Surely I do: I’m the human after all!

  5. I had also to up oad Windows 10 in starting of wWndows 7 . This needs adaptations but it is not bad .
    On my laptop I have windows 8 but It seems there is a real differene between Windows 8 and 10 .
    Andy kniow what he has to do to get his treat after a meds . I imagine you catching the cat and giving him his medecine . Not simple ! 🙂
    In friendship

    • I never know what it’s going to be like. One day I catch Andy with no effort, then the next day it’s an ordeal! Most days, though, he’s easily caught. On rare occasions, though, he beats the system and gets through the day hiding and escaping so well I don’t get to give him his medicine!

      I haven’t started the update on my laptop yet, so I see I have “fun” to look forward to…!

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