Post 889: “C’mon, Andy!”

You may think Andy’s on the job here, guarding my pc and making sure I don’t open any naughty websites…

“C ‘mon, Andy!”

What’s actually happening is Dougy just stopped by and invited Andy to come down and play their little wand toy game, the one with the rules I can’t discern.

Quite an improvement over yesterday, when Andy and Dougy were having a tussle!

20 thoughts on “Post 889: “C’mon, Andy!”

  1. You did a good job. Do you know that your boys are very lucky. There are billions of two-legged boys in the world who have no one to love them; no one to run after them to give them medicine and nobody cares whether they are alive or not. I get confused about this world in which we live. Your boys indeed are lucky; and hope they really appreciate it.

    • It is easy to forget those less fortunate, but never excusable. I agree with you.

      Though one person can’t save the world, one person can help ease the suffering of one, five, or more people through simple acts of kindness.

      If 100 people help this way, a 1000 others might have an easier life, a sense they have value, have one less thing to worry about.

      One way I like to help is save all my change in a container till I have a nice sum. When I have a container full of loose change, I give it to a group that provides food to children in the community who might otherwise eat just one meal a day – the one they get at school for lunch.

      The group provides food all year since these children might not get regular meals during weekends, holidays, and vacations.

      The cost to me? Trivial. It amazes me how much money I accumulate this way. A pastor of my church suggested this as a way to set aside money to help others, but until I tried it, I thought it probably was a small deal.

      Save the world? No, I don’t make a big deal of difference on the huge scale of need, but on the lesser scale of need in my community, I am able to make a difference.

      Thanks for bringing this thought up! I challenge anyone reading our remarks to try this simple way of helping or tell us how they help ease the way for less fortunate people.

      • You have a golden heart. I give you a thumbs up.You rightly say it; one person will not change the world but one person can make a difference in the world which is what with your simple method you are doing. It’s a huge difference, you are making indeed. As you so well say, if more people could do such simple but loving gestures, our world would be great. Of course, there can be no doubt that not everybody will do it but many will be inspired by this to do something. I do not agree with people who hold that good deeds like yours should not be publicized. Good deeds, I believe, should be publicized not for the self aggrandizement of the one who has carried out the good deed, but in other that someone somewhere may be inspired by it to emulate the example; and if this can be multiplied, that will mean so much to the world.Let me take this opportunity to thank you of the West who in my judgement have been doing so much to alleviate the plight of the less fortunate in other continents like mine (Africa – Cameroon). Although not everybody will appreciate it, (not every one is blessed with the gift of appreciation), many do appreciate. May God continue to fill your hearts with the spirit of love and generosity, and your pockets with the means to stand by those who need a shoulder to lean on. Many blessings to you.

        • This was the first time I mentioned to anyone I do this. There are a couple people who know because one I give the money for the meals and the other is the pastor, but it seemed appropriate today to mention it after your comments. Maybe we will trigger others to do good works! It doesn’t have to be a big thing, just one from the heart that helps someone else an a way that makes a difference in their life, the burdens they have.

          I admit the visit by the Pope in America today, this week, has touched my heart and inspired me, too, to speak to this action though I’m not Catholic.

  2. My two played Little Red Riding Hood – with the wolf-role reversed on their tour back … Today was a high activity-day for them. Catching the red-dot, catching treats, catching each other, catching the cat-fishing-rod .. Tom sleeps the whole afternoon directly next to me, he is soo finished. Cat sleeps where she last dropped.

    • The boys carry the snake wand toy around the place. The game they play involves carrying the toy and putting it down. The cat that brought the toy then makes plaintive meows to get his brother’s attention (and, with luck, interest in playing). If the game is played, the called kitty chases the calling kitty, then they reverse roles back and forth till they are tired out from all the chasing and running. The toy, in the meantime, just stays where it was dropped. It’s a strange game, but they play it often and seem to get a lot of fun (and exercise!) out of it.

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