Post 974: another snowy day…

It’s another snowy day here. I wrote my brother. I printed out the Benji the pup interviews fort him because, well, my brother loves critters, too, and I think he’ll get a charge out of the story of Benji. 

Dougy snooped over my shoulder. “No, really, I’m looking out the window at the snow,” he protested. “The snow’s in the other direction, kitty.” “Meow…!” Some things never change. 

I didn't notice that until I uploaded the file on my computer. I got your number, buster!

I didn’t notice THAT until I uploaded the file on my computer.
I got your number, buster!

20 thoughts on “Post 974: another snowy day…

    • It’s still miserable and cold stuff…! LOL! If I don’t have to be any place in particular, I don’t mind a snow day, but it used to be a challenge to go to work after snow before Iretired. I lived on a street that didn’t get plowed right away, and my street intersected a street that was plowed right away. There’d always be a big pile of snow across my path at the intersection, a plowed mess that was sufficient to high center a car and leave you stuck. Of course, if one ignored the stop sign, one sometimes got enough forward momentum to sail over the drift! A bit dangerous and completely illegal to do, of course.

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