Post 983: fuzz ball…

Dougy loves being brushed. Even a little brushing fills the head of the brush like this:cat fur

I have to hide the hair as soon as possible after I brush Dougy, though, because he wants to eat it. Ugh!

16 thoughts on “Post 983: fuzz ball…

  1. I used to get handfuls of hair after brushing my Eskie. I could have made another dog from it. I wonder why cats try to eat the hair? I understand that they get “hairballs” after self-grooming but why would they want to eat hair that is now separate from them. I never understood that.Merry Christmas Doug, I pray your holiday was richly blessed. Happy New year as well.

    • And the same to you, Tina! I’m enjoying your blog because it presents some translation challenges along with a trenchant point of view I like! Is it a northern German characteristic? LOL! Anyway, pica (eating of non-food items) apparently is common enough in cats. Andy wants to eat cellophane or candy-type wrappers. I have to ditch these materials in the deep trash as soon as I generate them or the little rascal’s chewing away on them! Dougy likes to eat cat hair. I take it from his mouth when I see him trying to eat it. Strange kitty behaviors….!

      • Cats are unique creatures with equally unique behaviors! Maybe they enjoy the different textures on their rough tongues? I am glad you are liking my writings. I have been majorly slacking and need to get back to it! Have a very blessed 2016 with an abundance of smiles and very few tears. God Bless you and keep you safe in all things. Enjoy your little bundles of fur.

  2. That is funny. There is a book that came out a few years ago about crafting with cat hair. I looked at the book, but don’t think I will make anything.

    • Dougy puts it out at a prodigious level. Andy doesn’t have as thick an undercoat, so yields almost no hair when you brush him. You’ll notice in the photo that the fur is a soft grey in color, which is all undercoat.

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