Post 983: fuzz ball…

Dougy loves being brushed. Even a little brushing fills the head of the brush like this:cat fur

I have to hide the hair as soon as possible after I brush Dougy, though, because he wants to eat it. Ugh!


16 thoughts on “Post 983: fuzz ball…

  1. I used to get handfuls of hair after brushing my Eskie. I could have made another dog from it. I wonder why cats try to eat the hair? I understand that they get “hairballs” after self-grooming but why would they want to eat hair that is now separate from them. I never understood that.Merry Christmas Doug, I pray your holiday was richly blessed. Happy New year as well.


    • And the same to you, Tina! I’m enjoying your blog because it presents some translation challenges along with a trenchant point of view I like! Is it a northern German characteristic? LOL! Anyway, pica (eating of non-food items) apparently is common enough in cats. Andy wants to eat cellophane or candy-type wrappers. I have to ditch these materials in the deep trash as soon as I generate them or the little rascal’s chewing away on them! Dougy likes to eat cat hair. I take it from his mouth when I see him trying to eat it. Strange kitty behaviors….!

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