Post 1030: Dougy resists “lovin'”…

Dougy is all over me most of the day. He’s very affectionate and likes me to pet, scratch, scritch, play with, and generally give him lots of attention. So, when I pick him up, you’d expect Dougy to be in kitty heaven! 

Nope! Dougy gets upset because he doesn’t like to be held.

Barely restrained, Dougy gets his photo taken.

Barely restrained, Dougy gets his photo taken. He is NOT happy!!!

Andy's the same way, but he does like me to scritch his chin and ears...from afar!

Andy’s the same way, but he does like me to scritch his chin and ears…from afar!

29 thoughts on “Post 1030: Dougy resists “lovin'”…

    • When the boys aren’t paying attention, I pick them upo and pet them just as long as they want to be pet, then I let them down. I have increased the length of time my kitties like to be petted this way, but they still tolerate being held less than a minute!

  1. I understand what you are saying because my little pet birds like for me to give them “Face Time” and to talk to them and tell them how pretty they are .. but they absolutely hate the idea of me reaching into their cage and touching them — (Most of the time.) My bird, “Sugar” has developed a new trick however: He will fly down to the bottom of his cage and then pretend to have problems flying back up onto his perch so that I will pick him up and set him back on his perch. I know he is doing a con job on me because I have seen him fly to the bottom of the cage and if I ignore him for awhile he will fly back up as easily as ever. My birds do love to receive attention and praise. Has your little kittie always been skittish of being held or is it something that has happened lately?

    • I might understand Andy’s resistance to being held because he gets medication while being held. I tell him he’s a good boy and give him kitty treats afterwards to help him look forward to medication and being held. It almost works….! Dougy just doesn’t like being held up when he’s on kitty business, which, of course, he always is!

      That’s a really “sweet” story about Sugar and his con job! Our animal friends are so much fun!

  2. So WP is messing with me again but I can still get here from Facebook. Love that Dougy face. is he turning gray or is that just the lighting. Ali is turning gray in her main and spitz on her face but her FAD (feline auto Immune disease) has really aged her too.
    You and the boys have a great Wednesday.

    • No, he and Andy are smoke Persians. When their hair grows out, you see that grey. Since I have them trimmed up, the full effect of their “smoke-Persianness” doesn’t show.

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