Post 1033: Andy enjoys a good nose scritching!

If there is one thing the boys really like, it has to be nose scritching! Persian pug noses are out of reach to kitty paws, so they really, really, really appreciate a little human intervention here.51516 andy nose scritch 2
Oh yeah!  

19 thoughts on “Post 1033: Andy enjoys a good nose scritching!

  1. Over here, the Kennel Club has bred dogs to such crazy levels that they have actually created animals who can’t breathe properly and who have great problems in many aspects of their lives. It’s good to see that your two little friends have been spared anything of this kind.

    • It isn’t guaranteed. Though they were bred by a responsible breeder, Persians are known to have certain problems related to the breed. I am aware of them and will keep my eye out for them if they occur. Their pug muzzles, of course, make them more vulnerable to respiratory issues.

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