Post 1032: running of the “bulls” at Pawploma…

The boys’ groomer always tells me they behaved well at their spa days. That doesn’t mean they aren’t ready to come home when the time comes, though.

I hear Dougy whining about being in the carrier the minute he realizes I’m at the groomer’s to pick them up. He pretty much keeps his protest up till we get home, which, fortunately, is just a couple blocks away. Then the real show begins!

I set the carrier down on the kitchen floor, facing toward the kitty food and kitty fountain, then open the door….! Yes, both kitties crash out in the running of the “bulls” at Pawploma! Don’t stand in front of the carrier at that moment because you will be trampled! (And clawed, I fear!) Dougy and Andy can take just so much pampering before they want the comforts of home again, food, water.

Dougy hits the fountain, while Andy hits the kitty food.

Dougy hits the fountain, while Andy hits the kitty food.

Hydated, Dougy's ready to bump Andy off the kitty food.

Hydrated, Dougy’s ready to bump Andy off the kitty food.


Oh no! They will share the kitty food station!

Oh no! They will share the kitty food station!


33 thoughts on “Post 1032: running of the “bulls” at Pawploma…

    • Their groomer, Athena, always does a great job! She also does a great job on dogs. I enjoy seeing her clients before and after, and they always look sooooo good!

    • Rarely, though there is one carrier Dougy and Andy like to sleep in. It isn’t usually used to transport them, however, so they associate it with security.

        • I went to a carrier designed for pets up to 24 pounds. Andy and Dougy weigh less than that together, so they get to spend the day together, whether they like it or not! Ha!

          • That was a good idea. I would think that you could put one carrier on your trolly thingy, but if you had 2, it would probably become a juggling match.

          • If I had to take just one cat somewhere, that’s what I would do. For the most part, though, their routine veterinarian and groomer visits are for the same thing at the same time.

          • Let us hope that you get stronger, not weaker! Or, that the boys learn to be dignified on harness & leash, which is a lot less trouble than a travel crate.

          • Andy is quiet and usually stretches out in the carrier. Dougy paces and yowls. I doubt he will ever be better in the carrier. Time will tell if I get stronger or continue to lose ground.

          • Saphera & M tend to fall asleep as soon as the motor starts, but Purrseidon is always wide-eyed looking to see where we’re going.

          • Aw! How sweet! Andy purrs in his sleep, too, though mostly he’s wide awake when he purrs. His purr is a loud one for such a little guy. Dougy’s purr is soft.

    • That’s just the norm for Persian kitties, though there surely are Persians with bad attitudes. I only know what my two are like and a few of their relatives.

        • Andy and Dougy are my first Persians. Like you, my cat experience is mostly with tabby cats and other moggies. I’ve experienced a couple of psychotic cats, the product of poor treatment by owners, but have mostly known only nice cats.

          • I have only known one psychopath … the ginger tabby of a friend of mine. Though he calmed down with age. A little.
            I have heard Ragdolls (huge cat breed) are the most docile cats. But I can see from your two, there are other breeds that are enduring the human’s quite well. Now I know why I see so many Persian cats with bows or dressed up.

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