Post 1136: patiently waiting for kitty food…

Andy and Dougy are pretty good about waiting for kitty food time. They have no choice! Anyway, as soon as I get back home, they are waiting by the door, meowing and acting like their stomachs are collapsed from lack of food. Sure, they look fat since they are Persians, but they are, in fact, just right for their age and species, according to their veterinarian. Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t want that kitty food  ~ NOW!

Andy's ready for kitty food.

Andy’s ready for kitty food.

Dougy's ready, too!

Dougy’s ready, too!

Dougy waits patiently.

Dougy waits patiently. Andy hops on his box. It’s by the refrigerator and that’s where the kitty food is!

"Well??? Where's the kitty food?" Yes, I fix them their kitty food, then I can do what else I need to do!

“Well??? Where’s the kitty food?”
Yes, I fix them their kitty food, then I can do what else I need to do!

27 thoughts on “Post 1136: patiently waiting for kitty food…

  1. I have also note cat stomach clocks are hard wired to the time zone of birth, and Daylight Savings Time at that. Our two cats (long departed now) that moved with us from Connecticut wanted breakfast at 2:00 AM!

    • Oh dear! Mine are Western Nebraska kitties that still think 1:30 AM is kitty food time. They were born during Daylight Savings Time (July 1st of 2011), but don’t deviate a full hour either way at the start or end of it.

      I hate to think what a shift in time zones would do for my kitties, but your experience suggests not too nice consequences! I guess we aren’t relocating to Hawaii any time soon!

    • I suppose they might, though only things like butter or cheese broken into small pieces. That seems to be the limiting factor with the kitty boys: food needs to be in tiny chunks, a liquid, or is a pate form they can lick up.

    • Thanks! They are at their prime now, though they are scheduled for a grooming session (to get a bath and a haircut) Tuesday the 2nd. If they didn’t mat so bad, I’d let them grow out their hair to Persian length, but they mat even with lots of brushing with long hair.

  2. When I have to go to the city I get back later than usual. They are usually pretty good about it but they carry on just like Dougy and Andy.

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