Which common house and garden plants are poisonous for your cat?

Excellent information in this post for anyone with pets that might sample the houseplants. I’ve seen lists like this before, but this goes into detail about what is toxic to your pet and how your pet is affected by each plant. I personally don’t keep plants around that I know might cause problems. Dougy isn’t much of a problem, but Andy is notorious for mouthing things.

10 thoughts on “Which common house and garden plants are poisonous for your cat?

    • Same here. Church friends meant well sharing the Easter lily with me, but didn ‘t consider the problem it created for me. I felr I had to take it. Of course, then I had to keep it in case a church friend stopped by afterwards…!

  1. Very interesting post . I have in my garden a huge yew tree and small ones in the hedges , I have also Lliy of the valley, wild Arum and I am invaded by Ivy ( whom fruits can be toxic for mammals) . Not only those plants and others can be toxic for pets but for children too .However We got 6 children and 15 grandchilden and no one thought to eat those plants . Fortunately. Probably the instint tells tem to not eat .
    In firndship

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