Post 1270: …in which the kitty boys settle into their post kitty food routines

The big event of the morning is kitty food time. Yum! How the kitty boys like that!

After scarfing down their wet kitty food, they settle into their morning routines. (Known as “doing nothing”.)


That’s what Andy did.

Dougy was very pleased the recliner wasn’t claimed by man nor beast.

It was all HIS!

25 thoughts on “Post 1270: …in which the kitty boys settle into their post kitty food routines

  1. I commend you. The clan gets dry in the AM because they insist on eating the instant I get up. I do get to hit the bathroom first, with a lot of feline complaint. I am useless withour my first cup of coffee, can’t even manage a pull tab, so they don’t get the wet stuff until supper time. Stay warm.

  2. I remember that when I was at High School I wanted to change roles With my cat when I had exams and that sort of thing… 😱😉 your post reminded me of those moments. Best to you and your cats 💛

    • Thanks! I can think of ties I wouldn’t mind changing places with my kitty boys, too! Dougy, anyway. Andy gets daily medicine doses, and it must be terrible from his reaction to it.

        • It is for high blood pressure. He’s on the border, and his veterinarian let me decide ifg I wanted to continue the treatment. Since high blood pressure can cause kidney and vision problems in cats, I felt it was worthwhile to continue the treatment. Andy puts on a pretty go show when I give him the medicine (which is in a chicken-flavored liquid) but he gets kitty treats afterwards. If I don’t get around to the medicine fast enough for him, he comes around because he associates the bad with the treats!

  3. Can I come and sit in your recliner? It’s -30C (-22F) here and with the wind chill its -35C. I could use something warm on my butt. Shoko actually went outside today….for all of 5 minutes and then was stretched out against the sliding glass door. Her plea for, “Let me in…NOW.” Nobody’s interested in going out again. I don’t plan on leaving Fort Meezer until the weather warms.


    • It’s a balmy 22F (-6 degrees C) here at the moment, with a light breeze and sunshine. It felt pretty miserable earlier in the day when I was out, but wasn’t as miserable as what you have!

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