Post 1310: Dougy will decide when…

Dougy usually stops by to let me know he wants to play “wand toy”. On the other paw, if he’s not in the mood, don’t waste your – or his – time!



OK. Dougy doesn’t want to play!

We tried again a bit later, but Dougy apparently is on strike!


Shortly after I took those photos, Dougy decided he was a kitty cat after all, and went crazy chasing the wand toy! Whew! For a moment, I thought Dougy forgot how to get his kitty on!








13 thoughts on “Post 1310: Dougy will decide when…

    • That’s a fact! I’ve purchased lots of them over the years, but the things mine seem to like best are Neeko wand toys and a colored string off a broken wand toy. The created a little game with the string thingy. Makes no sense to me, but they seem to have fun playing it.


      • I grow catnip and cat grass since they both are easy to grow and there’s no place around here that sells the plants year around. K-mart does sell catnip plants during the gardening season, however. The thing I don’t like about the grass is it lasts such a short time before it dies out. I’d like to grow regular grass inside, but it seems now to like the low light or, perhaps, needs a dormant time, so it doesn’t last, either.


      • Our Hope kitty ate one of my basil plants I was growing indoors. It surprised me, but basil must have some sort of agreeable stink factor she liked. She goes crazy over catnip, so I should try that and reseed often. 🙂


  1. hahaha….so familiar Doug. I try playing with Shoko and she gets the same expression as Dougy. The look of “What’s wrong with you peep…are you trying to make me look stupid?” Then when the camera is put away, she’s all over the straw like a dirty mouth. Cats!!



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