Post 1359: Andy protests his medicine…

Yesterday looked like a tough one for catching Andy to give him his medicine. Then he came into the kitchen while I was washing dishes (thinking he’d get a treat…) and I caught him by just leaning down and grabbing him. You never know.


Trapped and unhappy about it, Andy tries “kitty eyes” and other strategies to avoid his medicine. 

He survived the dose and ran off to the cottonwood table for his treats, Dougy “tailing” behind him!IMG_20170409_071822

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    • It’s chicken-flavored, though I can get it flavored tuna, perhaps other kitty-friendly flavors. I think Andy’s problem is the medicine is cold because it has to be refrigerated. I try not to give him a mouthful at a time, just a sip, especially the first taste. I also spend some time getting h m to relax by stroking his fur and scratching that spot between his eyes he (and Dougy) love, love, loves me to scratch. That lets the dose warm up a little, too. That said, once he’s purring and the tension in his muscles goes w=away, I give him the dose. He’s getting to be more comfortable being held for longer periods of time than Dougy because of this routine, and he actually kneads me now, something he never did before recently.

  1. Andy looks so sweet while you’re holding him in preparation for pill time! My cat Sunny was just prescribed pills as a treatment for fleas, which have infested the backyard now that the weather is getting warmer. Trying to get her to swallow them has been almost as bad as dealing with the fleas, however. She’s very strong and pushes against me with her feet, though happily she doesn’t bite me the way my old cat Eliza used to. She won’t take the pills in treats either. I suspect someone else did that to her, so now she’s a lot more suspicious!

    • Andy’s medicine comes in tablet form, but his veterinarian’s staff can pulverize them in a mortar and dissolve them in distilled water with chicken flavoring if you want, depending on how well the kitty takes medicine in a given form. I doubt the pills in treats would work with Andy and I know from earlier experience mixing pills in their wet food is a hit and miss proposition with both kitties. The syringe with liquid medicine works best with Andy. Dougy’s had to have eye drops (which he hates and resists very strongly), and both get a probiotic, a gel that’s mixed in their wet food. As for cat strength, it is amazing how strong they are when they are being made to do somethin they don’t want to do! Those hind legs are super strong!

  2. Aww… that’s a good pick of you two. Cats, they always try to play us. Glad you gave him his meds. Do they ever get mad at you for going away? My old cats before Chewie and Jiminy would ignore me for a week when I would get back from vacation. They wouldn’t let me pet them too much and refused to follow me like normal. Usually took them a week to get over it.

    • So far, the kitty boys haven’t made an issue of me leaving them for dialysis, for example, though I turn on public radio to ply for them when I’m gone. That seems to help. I think they also help each other deal with being alone. When I was hospitalized and in rehabilitation for two months and ten days last year, the people caring for them came over just once a day and didn’t stay that long after feeding and takin care of the litter boxes, etc. When I came back after that time, I let them smell me and come to me at their speed. They quickly made sure they got some time with me, and both were a bit clingy for a week or so. They still have a tendency to be more clingy with me than before my illness, but don’t seem upset when I leave so much as just more aware of the meaning of me putting on shoes, for example. That makes catching them for veterinarian or groomer appointments more tricky than before, so I can’t get dressed until after I catch both of them!
      Also, Dougy is less tolerant of me being on the computer, and he puts up a whine if he thinks I should stop and play with him instead of that dumb machine.

      • You have the sweetest cats. Thats really cute about Dougy and the computer. When I was little one of my cats use to always follow me. I’d use him to prop my textbooks up when I did homework.

        • Thanks! It’s a Persian characteristic. Andy is especially cute when he watches me shower. He’s fascinated yet repulsed by the whole concept of deliberately standing in streaming water!

    • The kitty boys appreciate your recommendation for caresses! That’s one French word they understand!

      Andy et Dougy apprécient votre recommandation pour les caresses! C’est un mot français qu’ils comprennent!

  3. Speaking of medicine, you lost your https secure status on your blog. No green lock! My money is on the third party flag counter widget. Networked blogs perhaps as well. I of course am assuming you care–a big assumption.

  4. cute cats, hahaha for the strategy. I had a cat, that passed away. ANd i had to put a medicine in his ears in order to treat a wound he had and clean them because they were dirty. We had to be two to do it so one time my borther helped me. By taking him on his legs and blocking him with his hands. The cat though moved right left and almost escaped. My brother and i saw it, and he caught him beter. Cats and medicine make two lol

    • The kitty boys appreciate your compliment and tell me to tell you “Meow!” I see in one of your posts today that you have new kitties coming around your home, and they are very pretty ones, too1

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