Post 1396: Andy’s wound up tight!


The kitty boys have been playing that game they made up where Andy yowls kitty insults at his brother, and Dougy comes running. Then they chase each other all over the apartment till they are bushed.

This time, Dougy stopped before Andy was through playing, and Andy climbed the screen on the window behind the computer desk, leaped over the recliner, and chased air into the guest bedroom.

Andy ran back into the frontroom, leaped onto the recliner, and this is the look in his eyes:

IMG_20170517_061138 Whew! Now to take a nap!

22 thoughts on “Post 1396: Andy’s wound up tight!

  1. Wow – I’ve seen those wide-eyed crazy cat stares from our crew, especially from Lucio and Nano. We have to be careful not to get run over! Your boys have beautiful eyes. I can see the gold in Andy’s eye’s there.

  2. Sounds similar to the game Joanie and Sammy play. He mews like a kitten is distress and she comes to his aid and he pounces- she falls for it every time.

    • It does sound like the same game! Andy moves the multi-colored fabric stip to the starting point, drops it, then begins the yowl that brings Dougy running. That seems to be the main difference. Of course, you have a girl-boy game and I have a boy-boy game, so they have to initiate it the way they think will best get the “victim” to come running. Interesting! I wonder who else sees this game being played by their cats?

    • And he did, Shoko! Other than climbing the screen, I think it’s good for him (and Dougy) to have these bursts of activity. They are the right weight for kitties their age, for example (per their veterinarian), which is more than my doctor can say about me!

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