Post 1381: table manners and bloody hell update…

Andy guards the catnip-flavored kitty treats, his favorite!

Dougy enjoys a table top view from this favorite bird watching spot.

Table manners are slim around here. Believe me, if you eat at my table, I first wipe it down and make sure nothing that comes in contact with food touches the table surface! 


I know many people were alarmed by my “bloody hell” post, so it’s important you know the next time, things went exceptionally well.

Well, there was a trail of my blood on the sidewalk leading to the emergency entrance still…!

But this is what awaited me at the hospital! What a lovely Nebraska sunrise!

Aw spring! Even the dandelions are briefly welcome for the relief from browns and greys of winter! 

Here I am – hooked up and preparing to take a snooze while my dialysis proceeds!

Or I can watch out this picture window to witness birds and bunnies forage and prepare to raise their first young of the year~! Woo hoo!

All is well in the world.