Post 1378: Bloody hell…!


Dialysis is relatively routine, yet there are moments of drama. Yesterday, when I got back to my car, I noticed I was bleeding from my fistula buttonholes, the two permanent access points where the blood leaves, then returns to the body after cleansing.

I returned to the dialysis unit, of course, applying pressure through my very bloody jacket, and the nurses addressed my emergency: you can lose lots of blood this way, and had it happened at home, the appropriate response is to call an ambulance.

Once the buttonholes sealed and were rebandaged, I drove home, where, of course, I expected to find the kitty boys waiting on the other side of the door. That’s what they do.


Boy, did I have a surprise for them! Well, so I thought. Dougy was napping in the dining room cat tree and Andy ran away when I opened the door. (I wonder what they’d been doing during me absence…?)

Oh well, I took off my bloody jacket and called Andy over. I thought my little lion would love, love, love to smell that blood! RAWR! Yeah, what a treat for my little predator!

Nope! He did smell it, but he was much more interested in the water off the tuna I fixed for lunch a few minutes later.

Dougy never did come over to smell the blood. My kitty boys apparently are too domesticated to mess with this RAWR stuff!


I am fine, though the bloody jacket suggests a homicide. I lost a lot of blood, but not so much that I had any issues (fainting, light-headedness being typical for such events). I’ve learned how to soak, wash, and dry bloody clothes to prevent stains. That’s what I’m doing now.


Bloody hell! Not a naughty English curse, but a potential hazard of dialysis if the buttonholes blow out after dialysis. (Hope I didn’t freak anyone out.)IMG_20170429_111714

It takes a lot of tape, gauze, and bandages to keep pressure on the buttonholes  till the scabs mature. Ugh! If they do blow out, you just do what you have to do. 

Post 1377: yeah, snow again…

Dougy is interested, of course, but Andy is ready for spring weather. Me, too. I don’t know how much more snow there’ll be in the morning, but I hope not much more than this.


In the meantime, the kitty boys have to sort out what they’ll do while the door stays closed. Cabin fever in cats is not a happy thing!

Post 1376: Curiosity has its limits, kitties!

Andy has a new interest: the top of my head! I don’t mind him resting a paw or two on my head, but he’s given me some claw while satisfying his curiosity. Kitty, curiosity has its limits.


Speaking of gall, Dougy knows the top of the PC is Andy’s territory. That is not Andy on the PC!

(Please note Dougy’s “horns” are up. He knows he’s being naughty. He knows….)


I think the kitty boys are dealing with a touch of cabin fever.

Post 1376: Anyone there…?

You know the feeling. It’s dark, perhaps storming out, lightning even. You have this eerie sense that you are being watched!


“Hello! Anyone there?”

“I know someone’s watching me! Who? Who?
I’ll call the police!!”

“Sxxx! It’s just Dougy!

Good thing I didn’t call the police….

Post 1375: a touch of cold weather…

It’s a cool, lazy day, I fear. Both of the kitty boys played a little with the peacock feather, but what they really want to do today is…nothing! I agree with them. All I feel like doing is wrapping myself up in an afghan and keeping warm.


Andy is in no mood to amuse me.
“Let me be!”

“I played with the peacock feather. What more do you need from me??”

I guess the kitty boys need a rest today from the hard work of being kitties. I suppose the recent warm weather raised their expectations for more warm weather.

I’m disappointed, too. I could use some sun!

Post 1374: Andy likes the recliner back

Andy is a regular visitor when I sit in the recliner. I suppose he feels safer then from Dougy’s intrusions. When he’s there by himself, Dougy oftentimes shoos him off the recliner. When I’m there, he stays if Dougy comes along.


How sweet, Andy! You want to be with me…or…

Actually, I think what he likes is the heat off the lamp and the articulation joint, which makes a perfect place to scratch his chin and jaw!


Post 1373: The hunt is on!

Given the strict rules the kitty boys apply to each other’s use of their favorite perches, I was surprised to see Dougy on Andy’s light stand.


“What’s up, McDougall,” I asked him. “What if Andrew sees you on his light stand?”

Dougy was motionless. I know the pose: He was on the hunt, but what was there to hunt inside the apartment?

“Good grief! Go for it, kitty boy! Go for it!” 

And he did.

Post 1372: postcard from abroad…

One of the benefits of living with minor international kitty celebrities is other international kitty celebrities send them postcards from abroad. What fun!


Many of you know the Canadian Cats and their human, Jean. Or I hope you do! Shoko and Kali are two of my top favorite Internet kitties, and Jean is one really sweet and thoughtful person.

Kali (left) and Shoko, “The Canadian Cats”

But this is about postcards from abroad…from celebrity cats, so here’s what Shoko and Kali (and Jean!) sent us, a souvenir of their recent visit to one of my favorite cities, Paris. 

 How fun is that!? (See the two kitties in the lower right hand corner?) Thanks, kitties and Jean. I really enjoyed the postcard!

Post 1371: a little springtime cheer up

One thing to do on a overcast spring day is to drive around to see the progress of the trees and flowers in shedding the winter gloom!

The kitty boys feel the season’s change, too, and enjoy the open doors that let in intriguing scents and sounds missing during the cold months.

(Note: I’m still having issues transferring photos from my smart phone to my laptop, so the photos are ones on file, not new ones….)  


Things are greening up and flowering trees have begun to show their springtime colors! 

The kitty boys begin to shed, are more active, and will enjoy the increased bird activity outside the windows and doors. For the time being, till the doors can be open longer and more frequent times, they settle for their cold weather activities.

Post 1370: this is what I have to give today…

I continue to have complications with my laptop and smart phone set ups. Gad I hate updates! On top of it, I hit the upper limit on my smart phone data – 5 GB.

Andy enjoys the leg rest on the recliner.

That turned out to be good news, though, because when I checked with my provider, I was able to upgrade to unlimited data at slightly less than I pay now because of a 15% discount veterans of the military get! It must be a new thing they do because I didn’t get a discount when I got the smart phone last year.

Dougy prefers the seat.

There is a long delay in photos transferring from my smart phone to my laptop. I don’t know if it is because of the data limit I ran into. Editing saves were starting to take forever. Perhaps there was an issue with paying extra for the transfer of images over my limit. I don’t know.

We’ll see. If nothing else, I have a couple days’ blogs worth of photos hanging around in the ether, waiting to show up in my email!