Post 1391: must be time for medicine…


Must be medicine time. Andy’s hiding from me. (Sorry for the photo quality…! Andy’s seeking out all the dark spaces to avoid me.) 


Under the computer desk now after a short chase. Good move, Andrew James Thomas! You know you can hide in the open there and still escape if I reach in to grab you! (And he did!)


The medicine is for high blood pressure, so I try not to turn the chase into a situation that exacerbates the condition. Some irony there! Not to worry, though. Andy can run and hide, but I know the places he goes where he is easy to catch. He’ll get his medicine sooner or later. 



Turned out to be “sooner”! Silly cat! He hid under a chair in the bathroom that had clothes from the dryer on it. He hid his front part, but left his butt end sticking out in the open, a classic Andy mistake. On top of it, the slick flooring meant he couldn’t escape by digging in his claws. So sweet! I hope he never learns!