Post 1397: Dougy knows how to relax!

Dougy makes the most of rest time. His ottoman rarely gets cold!Occasionally, though, he moves. LOL!


25 thoughts on “Post 1397: Dougy knows how to relax!

      • Yes, not all the time, but often enough. Persians, of course, can have respiratory issues because of the truncated muzzles. though snoring, so far, is the only one my two have experienced. Their veterinarian always checks for this problem when they are in for any reason, and he has been very good about educating me on things to watch for in my cats because of their breed.

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      • Abby has always had some low level respiratory problems. The woman we got her from who rescued her said she has severe feline herpes as a kitten. She gets drops for dry eye in her right eye (her blind eye), and it seems she is always having something leak down the back of her throat.


      • Dougy has the herpes in his eye, too. Though it doesn’t bother him often, he occasionally has to have eyedrops in his left eye. He hates it! (I do, too: the medicine costs a snot load for very little medicine, but when he needs it, he needs it! I’d feel terrible if he lost sight in the eye because I missed the need!

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    • One can learn how to relax watching cats. For that matter, I actually (no joking now!) learned how to get close enough to birds to hand feed them by watching my neighbor cat Woody stalk birds at my feeders! As for dogs, Phenny, we can learn how to find pure joy by watching them! (I see a lot of that on your blog!)


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