Post 1405: Friday was a sunny day!

Dougy wanted to take a walk outside, it was so sunny and nice! Of course, he isn’t allowed out for his safety, but a kitty boy can dream.

The yellow climbing rose bush is putting out more blossoms, and the thistle growing in the hole in the sidewalk is looking to take over the world.


It’s shedding season, as the carpet attests. Clumps of kitty fur are everywhere, and vacuuming only solves the problem for the moment. More will replace it…soon!


Tuesday, I thought the day before was Memorial Day and that I failed to place flowers on family graves, breaking a chain going back three generations and nearly a century. Oops! Then I saw something in print that referred to the coming holiday. Yes, next Monday is Memorial Day in America, and I bought some potted dahlias for the graves.