Post 1389: …and they know I’m leaving

Andy and Dougy are used to me leaving for periods of time. They watch, subtly, but beyond doubt. They pick up on clues like me taking a shower (Andy likes to watch), the clothes I put on, the fact I put on shoes (I am barefooted at home), and how I turn on Nebraska Public Radio to keep them company. They know I’m leaving.

What they do while I’m gone is a big question. I’ve thought about getting one of those motion-activated cameras, hoping there’d be nothing but sleeping kitties on the video when I view it.

More likely, they’d be chasing each other and tearing up things. I bet they are clawing the carpet and furniture, climbing the screens, and walking on the counters and dining room table. If they sleep, it’s on the guest bedroom bed.

Whatever they do, though, when I come home, they are waiting behind the door when I open it! Maybe they just know they are going to get kitty food (usually, depending on the time) or maybe they missed me. It doesn’t matter. I’m just happy to see my kitty boys again!