Post 1395: Dougy suspects I’ve eaten something yummy…!

Dougy’s pretty sure I’m eating something kitty boys like. He demands I let him smell my fingers! 

“OK, buster, whatcha eating?” Dougy meows, and I hide the cheese puffs from him while he’s not looking. (I shouldn’t eat them, either…!)


“Hey Dougy! Don’t go away mad, just go away,” I taunt, using the childhood family taunt sure to PO a saint!

28 thoughts on “Post 1395: Dougy suspects I’ve eaten something yummy…!

    • Oh man! I can imagine what salmon brings out in them! I’ve never had salmon to feed the kitty boys, but I imagine the reaction would be similar to that they have for tuna.

        • My late brother lived on the coast in Smith River, California (six miles from Brookings, OR) a short distance from the Smith River, where his wife’s family (she is Native American) have fishing rights. One of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences I had was a visit where we cooked huge salmon fillets skewered on alder skewers and cooked over an alderwood fire in a pit in the beach sand. We have bread baked in the sand, probably other foods (salads, beans?) and beer. I’ve never eaten so much salmon in my life nor has it ever tasted so good! The women in the family definitely knew how to bake salmon fillets over alderwood coals on the beach! The short of it, you are right about wild caught salmon!

    • Of course, you are French and that makes you automatically a connoisseur of cheese! Truth is, both Andy and Dougy automatically get interested in what I’m eating, though I don’t feed them human food.

  1. Oh man cheese puffs!! Mom goes crazy for them. Her very favourite junk food. She doesn’t let herself have them except once or twice a year and the reason has to be because she got horrible news…….we’re running low on mayo. MOL Some travesty of injustice….you get the idea. Andy has the idea to make you feel guilty for some. I do the same thing. Share!


  2. Our furry person Max, would not be satisfied with finger licking. He goes for the lips not realizing the tongue really can hurt. The thing is he wouldn’t eat one if you gave it to him.

    • Same with Andy. I let him lick my fingers in past, then kicked myself for not taking into consideration the impact of all that salt on a kitty. I don’t do it anymore.

  3. With cheese can at least wipe your fingers off on their fur and that gives you both the tasty saltiness while you get the orange powder off your fingers.

  4. My mother used to have that motto “just go away” on a poster in our playroom along with one that said; “Now that you’re older, go play in the street”. A card my mother but she let us eat cheese puffs. ~~dru~~

    • I should treat myself with as much concern some days. I don’t usually eat those salt bomb cheese puffs for the same reason I won’t let my kitty boys have them.

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