Post 1420: The chase is on!

Dougy wants to know: “Where is that little rascal?!”

“Meow! Meow! Meow!” Andy tells Dougy a thing or two, including the fact that he’s “hiding” by the open front door.

Dougy comes running! Andy slips by him and runs into the dark guest bedroom. The chase is on!


33 thoughts on “Post 1420: The chase is on!

        • People who live in more rural areas in this state are more likely to have mice in their homes, but they’ve never been a problem in my home. On the other hand, ants and spiders are! As for your kitty, if you have lots of mice, it’s probably a problem of boredom: “Oh, I’ve killed lots already, and I need something more exciting for a change. like a cobra!” (I hope not…!)

          A few years ago, Australian had a grasshopper outbreak, I think it was, that was so extreme that cats and chickens got bored hunting them because they ate their fill and just had no more interest in them. Maybe it was mice. I don’t recall for sure.

    • Andy says he actually wanted Dougy to find him. I believe him because the multi-colored fabric strip that he uses along with the yowling to signal the kitty boys’ chase game was on the floor in the kitchen where Andy was. I’d call that direct evidence he meant to bring Dougy running! (Otherwise, it would have been silly, I agree!)

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