Post 1434: front door lazing…

The kitty boys enjoy lazing at the front door when weather allows it! They even are nice to each other!

Of course, there are other distractions and opportunities.


Andy streaks off to take a nap under the chair in the bathroom, and Dougy…well, I have to stop that kitty boy’s expedition to the countertop. (Some things happen too fast to take photos!)


As always, I note am not compensated by nor do I endorse use of any recognizable brands in the photos.


21 thoughts on “Post 1434: front door lazing…

    • Me, too, for the most part. I leave them cluttered enough that that’s a pretty decent deterrent . When I was hospitalized last year and my neighbors were caring for the kitty boys, the wife cleaned up my counters, not understanding why they were “a mess”, and Dougy had weeks of free range on the counters, something neither kitty tried before my neighbor “improved” the housekeeping on the counters. ]


    • My two always are at the door to greet me, too. I suppose they recognize my car’s sound, and, when I lock the door with my keyfob, as do most cars these days, the car honks to let me know the deed is done. I suppose that helps alert them, too. Kind of nice, isn’t it, to have a welcoming committee at the door!?


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