Post 1433: Andy has proper kitty manners…


If you know cats, you know no cat stares directly at another cat or there’s a brouhaha!

Andy wanted my attention, but he also wanted to be polite about it. Nicely done kitty boy! Nicely done! (Notice the first and second photo from the top on the right – Andy sneaks a sideways glance at me! LOL!) 

21 thoughts on “Post 1433: Andy has proper kitty manners…

  1. My white persian lady cat – so much loved – was a seductrice towards me specially. She had irresistible sideways glances – as <Lady Di did ! Really.
    Such a princess cat she was…
    Kisses to the black princes kitties 🙂

  2. It’s funny, Loulou stares directly at us. Especially in the morning when she is awake and watches us sleep! I wake up and bammo, she is staring right in my eyes. Then she cuddles, seeing that we have our own eyes open. So cute. Love the two kitties.

    • Ha! Ha! Andy does that, but Dougy take charge, kneading my stomach or arm, walking on me, walking around me, swishing his tail in my face, and ourring loudly because he anticipates getting fded it he successfully wakes me up!

    • Ha! Ha! Yes, he stares in the direction he wants me to move. Hint! Hint! He’ll occasionally “meow” to emphasize he desire that I get on the ball and do what he wants, but Andy generally is a quiet persuader. The exception is if he wants me to give him kitty treats!

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