Post 1506: thanks from Barbarella…

Barbarella (The Mad Cat Lady) noted how much it meant to her that so many of us offered our condolences on the passing of her kitty boy, Spider.

Dealing with grief never is simple. Barbarella describes how she is working through her grief, something each of us will have to do in time. We can learn from her.

Link to The Mad Cat Lady

12 thoughts on “Post 1506: thanks from Barbarella…

  1. I am not on any social media and do not wish to be, so I can’t comment on Barbarella’s blog itself. However I know all animal lovers understand what she is going through, especially after 18 years together with Spider.

  2. we were offline over the weekend; we would like to say how very sorry we are to learn of your friend Spider; losing a family member is never easy. our sincerest sympathies to Spider’s mom; Godspeed his journey to heaven ~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

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