Post 1512: Locked out!

Dougy is anxious. Why Because the guest bedroom door has been closed all night! He wonders he going to get his beauty rest if he can’t sleep on the guest bed. Good grief! It’s almost 3:00 AM!


Nope! Still closed.

Dougy tries to make the best of it, but he checks that door regularly for change.


He comes back to the ottoman to ask me in Cattinese, “Mrow~mrow.” He wants me to answer when the door will be open again. Dang it!


[My Dutch friend Marianne arrived late yesterday afternoon after a very long day’s travel. We decided the kitty boys could handle being locked out of the guest bedroom for the night if it meant she could get a good night’s rest. Andy had no problem with it, but Dougy is impatient to get back in.]