Post 1523: something’s wrong with these pictures…

Something’s wrong with the photos of Dougy and Andy taken this morning. Yes, they haven’t had their haircuts!

Seems there was a screw up with scheduling and a misunderstanding at the groomers.

I had two appointments – one for the morning, and one for the afternoon Friday. Only the appointment card read 1 AM and 1 PM. I was certain they wouldn’t be at work a 1 AM, so I called to get the correct time, only to learn there was no morning appointment scheduled, just the one for afternoon.

I was pissed!! Only I was more pissed when I was told they didn’t think I wanted to have the kitty boys groomed any longer because I hadn’t been in for a time. Of course, the reason for that was the change in my dialysis schedule that came into conflict with the kitty boys’ scheduled haircuts. They knew about the dialysis complication to a schedule made a year in advance. One time, too, Dougy went into hiding when I tried to get him in.

It isn’t clear when they will be able to get in now, and I hand-wrote a three page letter outlining my concerns to the groomers, my dismay over this missed chance to get the kitty boys groomed, and, frankly, my upset with them since I got the appointment in person when I talked with the scheduler about why I was having difficulties getting in.

At that time, we (I thought) resolved the issue of scheduling by going from a back-to-back appointment to one where they were done when possible on one day or over a couple of days, which is supposed to be easier to do.

They would have groomed one kitty boy Friday, but I couldn’t bring myself to have one done, but not the other since they both have serious mats and need to be groomed. They are minor international kitty celebrities after all. Their public expects them to be a matched pair of brothers, not one shaggy and the other neatly groomed.