Post 1505: faster than a speeding camera shutter…

What’s up, Dougy?

Oh! Oh! Dougy’s in the mood for a kitty chase! Watch out Andy, Dougy’s on the prowl!


Such a look! Andy wasn’t in there, eh? (I will be so glad when the kitty boys get their day at the groomer’s – see all that shed hair on the rug?)


Ah ha! There the little rascal is! Dougy spots Andy and the chase is on!

17 thoughts on “Post 1505: faster than a speeding camera shutter…

  1. The cats here love to chase each other. Lucio usually gets too excited though and ends up “rolling” the cat he is chasing. Or, he lays there while the cats that are chasing each other jump over him napping in the middle of the floor!

    • I suppose this kind of play helps them become better hunters, sand it certainly can be entertaining! (Andy got himself trapped between blinds and the window in my bedroom this morning. Dougy stationed himself on a small bookcase in front of the window, effectively assuring Andy of a long spell on the windowsill!)

  2. Here the cat does not chase the mouse but the cat ! 🙂 Dougy has really the behavior and the look of the hunter . You have well captured this, Doug.
    About the hair , will they grow again for the fall and winter ? 🙂 to keep them warm! 🙂
    In friendship

    • Both kitty boys get into that hunter pose, with the intense look in the eyes and the little “warm up” of the running muscles in back by practicing running in place!

      I probably will have to let the place be warmer than I usually keep it till their hair grows out again. Their groomer usually trims it according to season – longer in Winter; shorter in Summer. This time, however, because they have so many mats in their hair, she probably will have to trim it shorter, like in summer.

    • Yes, Andy is more subtle, though. He usually starts it with the colored fabric strip off a wand toy. He drops it at the starting point he chooses for the chase, lets out a yowl that sounds like a kitty cussword that brings Dougy running. Then they chase each other till it’s time for a nap. I used to think both kitties used the fabric strip in a game, but I now know Dougy doesn’t use it, that it’s an Andy invention.

    • Occasionally, one or the other kitty boy will pull a clump of hair off his brother, though they have so much hair, you wonder where the clump came from! They mostly get along well together.

  3. we always are tooooo fast for the sutter… specially when it is an ole a tired one like the one of our canon…. the best moments are goe with the wind and there is only photo of the carpet or the shoes of the mama hehe

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