Post 1522: Andy checks out the table, too…

The relatively cleared table gave the kitty boys a rare opportunity for easy snooping. Dougy had his tour. Now it’s Andy’s turn!



This is me yesterday, dealing with Internet and television signal issues for the third day. After wasting long minutes on the phone following instructions from the cable company’s automated system – unplug this, wait for that, replug something else, wait for the signal, till nothing happened! – I finally got a message from the company telling me what I already knew: The problem was with their system, not my computer and television! “There was an outage in your service area. If your television now has a signal, type 1.” 

In the meantime, during those brief times the computer worked, some “issues” popped up on my blog. Thanks, Charter! You added to a stress load that was heavy enough without your crap service. I lost one photo, but the rest of things seem to be in place.