Post 1511: spit polishing the place

I confess to being a lousy housekeeper, a factor in how much effort I have to make before my Dutch friend Marianne arrives today.

Add into the “poor housekeeper” factor two Persian kitty boys, and you have a wastepaper basket full of hair mixed in with the normal dust in the carpets. And that’s just two of four rooms worth!

I need mention, too, that I found two dried poops, one dried vomit, and one wet poop in the guest bedroom – of course! – that would have been just one wet poop if I actually went in there more often. Ugh!

I knew about one dried poop and moved a litter box yesterday to the bathroom because there seems to be a problem “finding” it where it used to be by the bureau.

I nearly finished vacuuming the guest bedroom and front room when Andy came in to inspect my work. Behind the glider? A bit sloppy, Doug! But the broken scratcher that the kitty boys like to use as a box surrogate and scratching post met his high standards.

Have to finish cleaning, so, as much as I’d rather play on the Internet, I better get to it!