Post 1514: Andy plays peek-a-boo!


As you can tell from the bleached out look of these photos, Andy was in a dark spot, and he was sneaking peeks at me.

IMG_20170914_161441 (1)

“Where’s that Andy!? I can’t see him.” Peek!


“Sure wish I knew where Andy is. I think it’s time for kitty treats!” That was sufficient to get him to reveal himself. Shake the kitty treat package, and Andy  comes running. Dougy does, too.

Post 1513: …detente?

Poor Dougy! Still locked out!

Then Marianne came through the door. Dougy let out a sad little “meow” when she leaned toward him, but was a big kitty boy and let her pet him.

Perhaps he’s adjusting. Earlier, when Marianne and I were talking and she was standing too close to Dougy’s ottoman (by his reckoning), he fiercely scratched the ottoman to let Marianne know, “It is MINE”

Gracious! How rude!