Post 1507: Andy stops by…

Little ears perk up when I’m in the kitchen. When Andy heard me in the kitchen, always a cue to “mosey over”, he made a slow walk to see what I was up to.

“Food! I bet it’s for kitty boys – or me, sweet little Andy!” he projected through his usual body language.

Nope! I’m washing dishes, kitty. Never mind. While you’re here, I’ll “scritch” your nose. And I did.

24 thoughts on “Post 1507: Andy stops by…

    • There’s one I regard as bigger, more powerful: The No Human Food rule! (Of course, I wasn’t making food, so Andy’s begging was silly. Of course, he was so cute while doing it, I gave him kitty treats!)

    • Worse yet, Phenny, there isn’t anything good to eat happening at the dirty dishes wash station! Andy settled for a good “scritching” and a little blinky-eyes (a cat thing), but he really wanted something yummy.

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