Post 1510: In which we prepare for our Dutch friend!

Dougy’s blocking the bathroom door and Andy’s on the table – bad kitty! The kitties wonder what’s up.

The kitty boys take turns coming in to check up on what I’m doing, then leave to their guard positions.

“Why, I’m doing lots of washing and cleaning in preparation for our friend Marianne’s visit from The Netherlands by way of Maine, kitty boys. She’ll arrive in Nebraska on Wednesday. I think you’ll like her!” I explain.

IMG_20170911_125254 (1)

“Fine!” Andy tells me in Cattinese, “But don’t forget it is ‘feed the kitties wet food time’. NOW!”

Yes, kitty. I’ll fix your meal soon. First, I’ll start the next to last load in the dryer, and the last load in the washer. Your meal’s almost waiting for you!