Post 1573: different approaches…


Dougy’s waiting for the rootkit scan to complete. Takes eons!! Worst of all, it happens without input from the human, meaning you just deal with it when it happens and hope your life doesn’t depend on getting on the Internet. Just look at how stressed Dougy is! His fans expect daily Dougy updates. Is that hopelessness and despair etched in his fuzzy mug?

Good grief, MacDougal! It isn’t the end of the world, and the rootkit scan will be done much faster that the one hour the site suggests.


Take a look at your brother, Douglas. Andy hopped on his favorite roost and found a cup of coffee the human sat there. Did he go into panic? Call 911? Curse the darkness?


Heck no! He sniffed the coffee, which prompted the human to move it. (“Ick! Cat snot droplets in my coffee!” thought Doug, the human. “I better move my coffee mug!”)


Can you see the smugness on Andy’s mug? Hee! Hee! Andy gets his way!

30 thoughts on “Post 1573: different approaches…

    • Andy likes to sample leftover butter on the plate when I have pancakes, french toast, or waffles. I try to discourage this since it surely isn’t good for him, but he sometimes gets a little of it before I put napkins over it or get it in the sink.

    • Big feet we have to avoid, too noisy, forget we want food at precise intervals, keep flashing annoying lights at us and calling us cute…whew! And that’s just part of the problems we kitties and pups put up with!

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