Post 1612: silver heels…


It isn’t immediately obvious about Dougy that…


…he has silver heels!

Smoke Persian kitties, which Andy and Dougy are, have a lot of coat variation. The longer the kitty boys’ coats become, the more their smoke Persian characteristics show. 

47 thoughts on “Post 1612: silver heels…

    • I feed them a dry food that helps control hairballs, so it hasn’t been a problem. However, what doesn’t go into a kitty boy, comes off and litters the floors! I brush them, of course, to help control matting, but they room themselves as well,l pull out clumps of loose hair, which, on a Persian kitty boy, is a lot!

    • The longer their hair gets, the more that smoke Persian characteristic shows. I am seriously tempted to not get them trimmed any more – except for that “hygienic trim” on their furry little bottoms!

  1. Smoke Perisans are so-o beautiful. I am not a smokey myself Mom doesn’t think. I am mostly all black, but my tummy is dark grey. I have some thin, long white hairs sprinkled at random on my back and head but you really have to look for them to notice. Do Andy & Dougy have those too?

    • Yes, they do. If you look up pictures of smoke Persians, there is a wide range of what qualifies as a smoke Persian. When I see your photos, I see what I think of as a smoke Persian! The longer their hair gets, the more those qualities show. When they are trimmed down, they reveal their father’s Birman marks – kind of like a Siamese, only the white parts on Siamese are a pretty soft grey on the kitty boys. Their mother was a brown tabby-marked Persian, and they have a hint of red on the tips of their hair in some light. All said, i think of them as black cats, though it just depend on the light.

  2. Hello, Doug – don’t you want to ” scratch” their heels ( I do and my beige Persian do not mind – she sleeps ! or does as if she is sleeping ! )
    amitiés – caresses aux kitties 🙂

  3. Hiya Doug and Andy! We hope you had a furry good Christmas… We haven’t stopped by in like a gazillion months and so we am going to stops by more offen to see you in all your floofiness!

    Purrz from Katie Mom and Toby, the floofy cat at Uncle Mike’s house (who wants Mom to blog about him more)

    • We had a good enough one considering my Christmas theme is “Bah Humbug”! Anyway, nice to have you stop by again. Yes, Uncle Mike is right: There can’t be too many cat blogs!

        • Cool! Did he have Silver with him? I know Clayton Moore took his role as the Lone Ranger very seriously, and it was something he especially liked to do – meet his fans in costume and sign autographs.

          I suppose Jay Silverheels might have taken umbrage at the meaning of “Tonto” in Spanish (“fool”). That was one thing that doesn’;t pass muster these days. As I recall the “legend of the Lone Ranger”, Tonto saved the life of a Texas ranger shot and left for dead. His reward was to be called “Tonto” and a chance to play second fiddle to the ingrate. LOL!

          Oh well, I loved the show when I was a kid, and I bet it still would entertain with its stirring opening, “good guy always vanquishes bad” and the “Who was that masked man?” ending.

          When I was a kid, Rex Allen and his horse came to a matinee at my local theater. His horse wore booties on his hooves and Rex lead us in songs. That was fun, but I think you had the better experience with Clayton Moore!

  4. So funny. You write about heels and the ad that shows up is for bunion stuff. I have a cat (rescue) that has the characteristics of a Russian blue. She is all gray with silvery glimmers on her legs and feet. Very pretty but impossible to photograph.

    • Not by plan…there’s a problem with scheduling them and the schedule (made once a year for the coming year each November) had them scheduled for half the year on days I have dialysis. Though (I suppose) I could impose once again on friends to take them, the hassles are not worth their or my trouble. I decided to try letting them go natural. If I can keep up with the brushing (no problem) and mats in their hair, I may just let them become full-blown Persians kitties instead of trimmed ones. They are very pretty in full fur!

        • That’s right! You do it for a living! I’ll keep your recommendation in mind, Amy. I think I started early enough this time.

          I do brush Dougy daily. He love, love, loves it. Andy has a different textured hair that doesn’t mat quit as bad and requires less brushing. Fortunately! He hate, hate, hates to be brushed. I have a metal dematting comb that he tolerates much better as long as it is pre-emptive, not actually dematting mats! Small mats I can carefully pull apart as long as the kitty boy cooperates.

          Originally, before I got them into professional grooming, they’d gone from birth till a year and five months before I decided they should get a lion cut. Fortunately, the groomer had a different sense of aesthetics and recommended a teddy bear cut, which is actually pretty cute on the kitty boys! I think it is actually a dog style for dogs like Pomeranians, but it works nicely on Persian cats, too!

          • I appreciate the groomer’s suggestion. She also did an excellent job of cutting two kitties’ hair so they looked really handsome after an appointment. The lion cut may be the best for a severely-matted stray, but after that, I love that teddy bear cut! Pomeranians, of course, look the cutest with that cut, and part of it is their sweet personalities match the cuteness of the cut!

  5. That is interesting! Do their coats grow fairly fast or slow. I think you had them groomed in September….not sure. That’s a fairly long time, really. They must be about due. Kali does have longer fur than Shoko but it doesn’t match a Persians.


    • Yes, they get hairy fairly fast! Elsewhere, I tell what happened. It’s a scheduling problem with the groomer. I have dialysis on about half of the scheduled days. Can;t do it!

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