Post 1621: Yikes! Too many postings!


I had an e-mail from a cat person who said:

I hope you are not going to be upset or offended if I say that I must unsubscribe from your blog, because I simply receive too many posts in my email box from you. Most of the cat blogs I follow have one or two (or less than that) posts a week, which I find just about enough because I do follow so many, and hence get so many email notifications. Getting one or more posts a day from any one blog is just too much, I think. 

I do enjoy your babies very much, and will pop in every now and then to see what they are up to, but I hope you understand where I’m coming from… 

That caught Andy’s attention. “Yes, I’ve thought that of late, too. He spends so much time on that laptop, he barely spends time with us kitty boys. Dougy’s been acting up a lot lately, too, whining and yowling about this and that and everything.”


Andy grew quiet. I knew he was feeling neglected, too, though he prefers to be left alone when he, um, prefers to be left alone. Poor Dougy is exhausted with all the expectations of always being cute.


Andy thinks I should reduce my postings, too.

[What do you think?]